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Siegmar Fricke's earliest musical experiments since 1981 involved reel-to-reel recordings of short-waves and acoustic noises that were arranged in the stereo-field to complete compositions of musique-concrète. After various activities within the worldwide tape-scene from 1985-1993 he concentrated on his solo-works and also on collaborations with important figures of the experimental scene: Conrad Schnitzler, Maurizio Bianchi from Milano, Miguel A. Ruiz (Orfeon Gagarin) from Madrid, Giancarlo Toniutti from Udine. PHARMAKUSTIK is related to medical subjects because the working-methods on sound have similarities to surgical procedures: cutting acoustic particles, decomposing, involving granular-synthesis and complex parameters for complete dissection and re-implantation of electronic fragments. Beside many CDs and net-releases worldwide there are four vinyl-records by PHARMAKUSTIK so far: "Neurochemie" (2010 on www.rotorelief.com), the limited private transparent vinyl-edition of the "Cryosection"-EP (2013) plus two collaboration LPs (Conrad Schnitzler + Le Syndicat). Since 2015 Pharmakustik has been concentrating on multitracked pharmacodynamic soundpools of mindexpanding nature.